Joel has spoken at hundreds of events and is a frequent keynote speaker at industry and company events in North America and around the world. His audiences and venues vary widely — including senior executives, corporate supply chains, customer groups, trade associations, marketing professionals, award ceremonies, and regional economic development bodies — from small roundtable discussions to large and diverse gatherings.

Joel’s keynote speaking topics are tailored for each audience. Sample topics include:

From Here to Sustainability: Nearly every company is assessing itself through the lens of environmental and social sustainability. For a handful of leadership companies, it requires asking the question: “How do we compete in a world in which energy, water, materials and toxicity are constraints to growth, and what are the opportunities that result?” Today, sustainability is not just about “doing less bad” or “greening the bottom line.” It’s about reducing risk — supply chain, reputation, financial and more. It’s about growing the top line through innovation, new markets, increased productivity and enhanced ability to attract and retain talent.

When Technology Meets Sustainability: A convergence is taking place among energy, information, building and transportation, food and carbon-removal technologies, representing one of the next great waves of business innovation — and a boon to solving the planet’s biggest challenges. This mash-up of clean technology, sustainable business and smart everything is creating vast opportunities for companies to develop ultra-efficient and innovative products, services and business models for companies, cities and customers. And it’s creating new opportunities for those at every rung of the economic ladder.

Prosperity, Security, Sustainability: America’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity: In an era of climate change, economic uncertainty and global turmoil, business as usual is giving way to bold, audacious thinking: How can business help build resilience and well-being while addressing social, environmental and economic challenges? It’s a trillion-dollar business opportunity that affects every sector, and the inspiring subject of Joel’s 2016 book, about a new economic opportunity for America, born at the Pentagon, that embeds sustainability as a strategic national imperative — an unprecedented opportunity for business.

Joel is also a skilled moderator, called upon by companies and conferences around the world to conduct on-stage or on-camera one-on-one interviews, or to host lively and intelligent panel discussions with executives and thought leaders, for in-person, video, and online events.

He also has served as the emcee of dozens of events, including multi-day conferences, harnessing his talents as an engaging host, a nimble thinker, and a quick wit to ensure events rise above “conference as usual.”

Joel is represented by leading speaker’s bureaus and can also work directly with clients.