Strategies for the Green Economy


Joel Makower has been a front-row witness to the evolution of sustainable business. “Strategies for the Green Economy” documents the journey, joining big-picture perspective with ground-level practicalities in ways that will challenge and inspire even the most skeptical executive.” — Lorraine Bolsinger, Vice President, Ecomagination, General Electric

“Long before “green” was in vogue, Joel Makower shared our understanding of the importance of sustainability in business. His knowledge of the complexities and the dynamics, especially as they relate to the bottom line, yield the insight that many companies have come to rely on.” — Ursula M. Burns, President, Xerox Corporation

“With 20 years exploring environmental perceptions and advances, there are few more qualified than Joel Makower to drive the green debate. In Strategies for the Green Economy, he challenges business leaders to understand what lies behind the desire for green products and extols the enduring value of doing what’s right for the planet and the people that inhabit it.” — Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO, SC Johnson

“Strategies for the Green Economy offers a hopeful vision of companies transforming challenges into opportunities, re-imagining not just their products and processes, but themselves. Makower’s engaging stories and sharp insights show that companies need to comply not just with the laws of government and the marketplace, but also the laws of nature. This is an indispensable guide for any company seeking to not just survive, but thrive in years ahead.” — William McDonough, Architect and Co-author, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

“Joel Makower takes us on a journey through the green economy’s mountains and valleys but, more importantly, he provides a roadmap – a clear and compelling vision of what’s possible when companies harness environmental thinking to create value for their shareholders, employees, customers, and communities. Every business leader – and anyone who wants to become one – will find insight and inspiration.” — Gary Hirshberg, Chairman and President, Stonyfield Farm

“Joel Makower makes a provocative case that going green offers rich rewards to forward-thinking companies, but it’s not for the feint of heart. “Strategies for the Green Economy” shows how to minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities – the perfect combination of sobering insights and empowering advice.” — Bill Morrissey, VP of Environmental Sustainability, The Clorox Company

“When it comes to analyzing the greening of business, no one is more clear, insightful, or level-headed than Joel Makower. “Strategies for the Green Economy” is a masterpiece of wit, wisdom, and strategic thinking.” — Andrew Beebe, President, EI Solutions

“The greening of business is not a fad – it’s a fundamental change in how commerce is conducted given the new energy and climate realities. Joel Makower charts the course for this new era, showing how leadership companies large and small are harnessing innovation to transform the challenges into opportunities. “Strategies for the Green Economy” is a very readable primer for progress and profit.” — Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund and author, Earth: The Sequel, The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming

“Today’s global economy has been shaped by economic forces, not ecological ones, but smart companies are learning that the two go hand in hand. As Joel Makower makes clear in “Strategies for the Green Economy,” there are rich rewards awaiting companies that seize the opportunities of the emerging green economy, creating new sources of business value in tandem with a healthier, more prosperous, and more secure world.” — Lester R. Brown, Co-founder, Earth Policy Institute, and author, Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

“Few on the “greenscape” possess Joel Makower’s potent mix of expertise and ability to translate it succinctly into business-defining action; a must-read for any business leader striving to succeed in the green marketplace.” — Jeff Swartz, President and CEO, The Timberland Company

“For twenty years, Joel Makower has been a clear, credible, and sensible voice on the greening of mainstream business and a resource that I return to again and again. In “Strategies for the Green Economy,” he brings together the best of his great breadth in thinking and experience, untangling the complexities and cynicism of the green marketplace to show how companies can tap its growing opportunities. Any company on the path to creating long-lasting and meaningful changes toward sustainability should be reading this book.” — Shelley Billik, VP, Environmental Initiatives, Warner Bros. Entertainment

“Joel Makower’s essential new book will strengthen every company’s ability to develop a winning sustainability strategy.” — Aron Cramer, President and CEO, Business for Social Responsibility

“A growing number of companies are finding pathways to a more sustainable future. No one tells this story better than Joel Makower, whose “Strategies for the Green Economy” charts the course for a new era of business, one in which forward-looking companies are creating products and services that aren’t just greener, but serve their customers better. This is critical reading for anyone who seeks to understand where tomorrow’s economic winners are going.” — William K. Reilly, founding partner, Aqua International Partners, and former administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency